Saturday, 16 September 2017

Onesie day at School

As part of our Inquiry topic, we wanted to give something back to our community. We decided that we would like to raise some money for The Wellington Free Ambulance service. They are one of our very important community helpers and their service is still free for everybody in the Wellington area.
We organised a onesie/pyjama day at school and everyone brought a gold coin to school. We raised over $500 on Friday. Yay!!!
Here we are in our pyjamas and by the big photo of an ambulance. We stuck all the coins onto this and then we will present it to our paramedic Alesha who came to visit us at school.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Ole Soccer

On Wednesday we had Ole soccer.
We did some warm-ups and then we practised some new skills. At the end we got to play some soccer.

Ole Soccer on PhotoPeach

Rob and Quita

Rob the police dog handler and his police dog Quita, came to visit us at school. They are both community superheroes because they look after people and keep us safe.
Quita was excited to be in Rata - and we were super excited to see her too.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Paramedic Visit

On Friday, Levi's aunty Aleisha and her dad came to visit Rata.
She is a paramedic.
Paramedic's are superheroes because they save people's lives when they are very sick or hurt and need to go to hospital. 
We learnt that we need to learn to dial 111 and we need to know our address. 
Aleisha brought an ambulance to school and we got to walk through it and see what is inside an ambulance.

Train Driver Visit

On Thursday Abby's dad came to visit Rata.
He is a train driver.
He is a community superhero because he makes sure that people safely get to where they want to go.
Lots of people need to travel by train.
Lots of things are put on freight trains.
We have to make sure that we look both ways near train tracks and we need to listen carefully too.
Because trains are very heavy, they take a long time to stop.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


For Maths we have been learning about doubling.
We read a story called Double the Ducks.
We wanted to find out how many legs there would be in the pond if there were 2, 5 or 10 ducks swimming in the pond.
We used our new learning to work the problems out.

We could choose the number of ducks and we could work with a buddy if we wanted to.

Problem-Solving on PhotoPeach

School Assembly

We had a school assembly on Monday.
Rata Toru shared some superhero writing and we sang a superhero song. We did a great job
Mirabelle and Bodi got a Thinking certificate too.
Well done!!