Sunday, 26 March 2017


On Fridays we get to do MOOT. This is our Discovery Time but we work on managing ourselves and our time. 
We always have an important social skill that we are thinking about. Today our social skill focus was on Friendship. 
We made sure that we helped each other, we asked others to join us and we did lots of sharing and taking turns. 

Congratulations to Bodi and Samuel.
They got a certificate for showing friendship by sharing and taking turns. Tino rawe - you are awesome.

Abby's Taniwha

Abby loved the story of Awarua The Taniwha of Porirua so much, that she went home and practised drawing taniwha's. 
Abby drew 10 different taniwha's. She is an expert now.

A few days later, Abby came to school with her amazing artwork of Awarua swimming in Porirua harbour. She had painted her background and then got Dad to cut a hole in it so she could pop her taniwha in to make it look like he is swimming in the water.
Tino pai Abby!

Awarua The Taniwha of Poriua

We read the legend of Awarua The Taniwha of Porirua.
We all loved the story. We did some art work to make our very own taniwha's. Then they are going up on a mural to make our cloakroom area look so colourful. Aren't they amazing?

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


At our school assembly, Morgan and Christian received a certificate for Relating to Others. They are both so helpful and caring towards towards others at our school.
Well done Morgan and Christian.
Also at our assembly Mr Smith gave out Welcome to school certificates. The children get welcomed by their big whanau buddy.

Welcome to school Jashandeep and Abby!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Whanau Picnic Day

What a fantastic day we had for our whanau and Enviroschools picnic. The day started with a special Enviroschools assembly where we learnt about the things we all need to do to keep our school beautiful.
Then later, we walked down to the Lagoon with our big whanau buddies. We ate our lunch together, then we all went and picked up rubbish. It was amazing what a difference it made to the Lagoon area when everyone picked up 10 pieces of rubbish! After that, we all got an iceblock to eat and then it was time for playing.
It was a full-on day and everyone was pretty tired on the walk back to school - but we all had an awesome day!!

Whanau Picnic Day on PhotoPeach

Beautiful Butterflies

What an amazing day we had at school watching 2 of our butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. We were so excited watching something so special happen. We watched their wings dry and get bigger as special fluid goes into their wings to make them bigger. We took them outside to fly away once we had made sure that their wings were fully ready for flying. 

More Swimming Fun

We love swimming. Here are more photos of some of the cool things we do at our swimming lessons.

More Swimming Fun on PhotoPeach

Monday, 6 March 2017

Swimming Fun

Rata Toru Swimming Stars on PhotoPeach

Caterpillars in Their Chrysalis

We can't believe where our caterpillars have decided to hang and change into a chrysalis. We have some on our swan plants, some on the wooden eaves and even one on the edge of our rubbish bin!!

This makes us wonder...why do caterpillars move off the swan plant to change into a chrysalis?

Rata Toru will have to do some research to find out the answer to our question. Maybe someone at home knows the answer?

Our First Monarch Butterfly

Wow! On Friday our very first Monarch butterfly finally came out from his chrysalis. It was so exciting to watch him come out and then rest before he flew away. His wings were very wet when he first came out, but once he dried himself in the sun, he looked amazing!