Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Swimming Sports

Last Tuesday we had our Year 1 swimming sports.
We were very lucky to have one of our awesome mums take the photos for us. We got the fabulous photos today. Thanks Tyroll.

Rata Swimming Sports on PhotoPeach

Monday, 10 April 2017

Cute Caterpillars

We drew these gorgeous caterpillars for Art.
We are all very proud of our drawings.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

We're Going on a Bug Hunt

We went on a bug hunt. It was so exciting!
We discovered lots of bugs around our school. They were in the grass, in the bushes, in the soil and on branches.
We really wanted to touch them but we had to make sure we just used our eyes.
We found out that we need to take some more things out with us next time - like bug catchers, paper and pencils to draw what we saw and a camera to take photos.

Image result for insect clipartImage result for insect clipart         

Image result for insect clipartImage result for insect clipart 

Rata Entomologists

We are learning about Minibeasts in Rata.
We are learning to be bug scientists.
We got into our Buzz Groups to talk about how we can keep the bugs safe (as well as ourselves), when we are looking at them so we can learn all about them.
We are writing a Rata Code of Conduct. We need to think about 3 things: Kaitakitanga (guardianship), Manaakitanga (kindness) and Mauri (respect for all living things).
Here we are thinking of our ideas together.