Sunday, 25 June 2017

Our Bug Hotels

To finish our Inquiry unit about Bugs, we made some Bug Hotels.
We talked about insects needing a safe place to hibernate over winter. They will spend winter sleeping because it's too cold and there isn't enough food for them. By making a home, the beneficial insects like bees and ladybirds, help our environment in the spring. 

We used strong cardboard tubes and filled them bamboo, paper, cardboard and sticks and leaves. Bamboo is great because it gives little insects some hide away holes. Rolled up cardboard is cosy for insects too. Everything we used is recyclable and sustainable.

Lastly we taped some together and each group decided together where they wanted to place their Bug Hotel. 


Monday, 19 June 2017


On Friday we got to go and see Harold in his caravan.
We were so excited to see him.
He taught us about what our body needs. We learnt that our body needs love, food, water, shelter, rest, exercise, safety and oxygen.
We also learnt about how to keep our bodies clean.



For Maths we were using shapes to make copycats.
We had to find out what shapes could be a copycat.
We started with one shape (like a square) and we had to make a bigger square by just using squares.
Zackary and Dan were drawing the shapes they made

They discovered that a diamond is a copycat.

Abby and Iris also discovered that a diamond is a copycat.

Zac and Jashan are trying to make a square copycat.

Max has made a square copycat using 4 squares.

Thomas and Sam have made a square copycat too.

Bodi and Christian have discovered a square is a copycat.

Mirabelle and Levi were the first to discover how to make a triangle copycat.
That is pretty tricky.

Abby has made a triangle copycat.

Sam and Thomas made rectangle, square and a triangle copycat.
Well done.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tom's Weta Hotel

Thomas and his dad were very busy over the weekend making an amazing Weta Hotel. This was made out of wood and had some holes drilled into the sides for weta's to crawl inside. This would keep weta's nice and warm on cold wintery days.

Keep an eye out for our class to make our own Bug Hotels next week. They won't look as good as these but they will be awesome. 

Busy Bee Pollinators

We have been talking about bees and discovering what amazing insects they are. We wanted to learn about how bees collect pollen and how pollen gets from flower to flower.  
So we made some little furry bees with pipe cleaners. We then flew our little bees from different "flowers" that had cocoa and glitter on them. It didn't take long for our bees and the flowers to have lots of different pollen on them.