Saturday, 25 February 2017

Respect Certificates

Last week Milah and Morgan got certificates at MOOT time for working so well together and helping other children play musical instruments. Morgan brought her own instruments to school and shared them with other children. 
We are talking about Respect at school and what that looks like. Milah and Morgan were treating others with respect.
Well done Milah and Morgan.

Our Class Treaty and Korowai

Rata Toru had some discussions about how we wanted things to work in our class. We had read a book called The Tree Hut Treaty and also talked about the Treaty of Waitangi.
We realised that we needed our own class treaty so we could remind ourselves about the way we need to treat others with respect, kindness and good manners so we could work together as a class. 
Here is our treaty that we signed with our handprints and also our class Korowai. Our Korowai has feathers that we all designed with our names on them as well as the statements from our class treaty. 

Rata Toru's Waka

We have a class waka for our class. 
It is all about us being in this class together and working as a team with respect, kindness and learning together.

He waka eke noa.
We are all in this waka together.

Our Butterflies

Our caterpillars are getting quite big now. All they do is eat, eat, eat! Some of our caterpillars have even crawled up the wall to find a place to change into a chrysalis.
Some of them just stayed on the swan plants. 
We love looking at them everyday to see what has changed. We get our magnifying glasses and have a really close look.

We Love Reading

We love to read books! 
Here we are chilling out and sharing a book with our buddies.

Samuel's Cool Photos

Sam brought some super cool photos to school.
Sam's dad is in the army and Sam got to do some amazing things with his dad like go for a drive in a real army tank.
We thought Sam was very lucky.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Super Writers

We are Super Writers in Rata Toru...

My name is Iris.
I like drawing. I like my brother.

My name is Dan.
I like monster trucks.

My name is Levi.
I like to drive my car.

My name is Christian.
I like playing with Lego.

My name is Abby.
I like to watch TV.

My name is Morgan.
I like to dance.

Monarch Butterfly

In Rata Toru we have some swan plants so we can watch the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly. We decided that the plants needed to go outside in the sun for a little while. 
While we were at the Library, a beautiful Monarch butterfly came along and laid lots of eggs. 
Image result for clipart of monarch butterflies

Image result for clipart of monarch butterflies

Sunday, 5 February 2017


We had lots of fun during MOOT today.
MOOT means Managing Our Own Time. We get to choose which activities we want to do. We are always thinking about our current Social Skill. Today we were thinking about working together nicely and respect for others and equipment. 

 Levi and Jashandeep got certificates for working really nicely together.