Saturday, 26 August 2017

Paramedic Visit

On Friday, Levi's aunty Aleisha and her dad came to visit Rata.
She is a paramedic.
Paramedic's are superheroes because they save people's lives when they are very sick or hurt and need to go to hospital. 
We learnt that we need to learn to dial 111 and we need to know our address. 
Aleisha brought an ambulance to school and we got to walk through it and see what is inside an ambulance.

Train Driver Visit

On Thursday Abby's dad came to visit Rata.
He is a train driver.
He is a community superhero because he makes sure that people safely get to where they want to go.
Lots of people need to travel by train.
Lots of things are put on freight trains.
We have to make sure that we look both ways near train tracks and we need to listen carefully too.
Because trains are very heavy, they take a long time to stop.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


For Maths we have been learning about doubling.
We read a story called Double the Ducks.
We wanted to find out how many legs there would be in the pond if there were 2, 5 or 10 ducks swimming in the pond.
We used our new learning to work the problems out.

We could choose the number of ducks and we could work with a buddy if we wanted to.

Problem-Solving on PhotoPeach

School Assembly

We had a school assembly on Monday.
Rata Toru shared some superhero writing and we sang a superhero song. We did a great job
Mirabelle and Bodi got a Thinking certificate too.
Well done!!

Firefighter Visit

We are learning about community superheroes. 
On Friday we had a visit from some firefighters from Porirua Fire Station. 
First George and Kieran talked to us about what they do and then we asked lots of questions.
Next Kieran put his on the clothes he wears when he fights fires. 
After that, we went outside to see the fire engine. George let us hold the hose and the water came out of the hose really fast. 
Lastly, the firefighters used their special hose that they use to spray water up to tall buildings and hills.
We had so much fun today. 
Firefighters are superheroes because they save people and keep us safe.

Fire Engine Visit on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 13 August 2017

One of our favourite days of the week is Friday.
We get to have MOOT and choose who we work with and 
what we are going to do.

Reading Tubs

We love doing our Reading Tubs.
We get to do different activities that are fun to do.